Courses offered by Farhah Assaad


1. Methods and Logic in Molecular Cell Biology and Scientific Writing       

This module is in English and aims at fostering collaborative discourse and critical thinking. It is an important training for writing and reviewing papers and grants.

2. Mitarbeit am wissenschaftlichen Arbeitsplatz 0000000454 W

3. Molekularbiologie der Pflanzen [WZ0332] (Grill/Assaad)

4. Molekularbiologisch-Pflanzenphysiologisches Praktikum [WZ0335] (Grill/Assaad)

5. Forschungspraktikum II: Molekulare Pflanzenbiologie

6. Forschungspraktikum I : Molekulare Pflanzenbiologie

7. Pflanzenphysiologisches Praktikum [WZ0334] (Christmann A, Assaad-Gerbert F, Grill E)



Former BSc. and MSc. Students have moved on to Oxford University, Berkeley University and the EPFL in Switzerland. Graduate students have had collaborative research stays at Stanford University.


Regarding topics for Masters and BA students please browse Research_FA. And if interested please drop me a line and append a cv and transcript of records at farhah[at]